Online Tools

Within the firm, we use the SwingCount bookkeeping program.

SwingCount is the new bookkeeping package from Servico, the successor to the popular ServiCount program. It is fully accessible on the Internet via your Internet Explorer web browser and has been developed using Microsoft .NET technology. SwingCount is suitable for all companies that keep complete books. SwingCount complies fully with the legal provisions of the standardised chart of accounts.

SwingCount is a very user-friendly program that can also be used by clients themselves to process their bookkeeping documents if they so wish. In this case, our clients can process their files in SwingCount on our server.

Basic functionalities
  • Entering purchase and sales invoices
  • Booking financial transactions and various items.

You can obtain the following reports on screen, via the printer, as a pdf file or as an Excel file at any time, without the need for closing:
  • Log of purchases, sales, financial and various items
  • Statement of account per client and per supplier
  • Trial balance
  • Operating account and balance sheet

You can also automatically obtain:
  • VAT return and VAT lists
  • Customer and supplier lists
  • Logs and centralisation items
  • Overview of bank and cash accounts
  • Follow-up of your debtors with automatic printing of reminders
  • Follow-up of your creditors with payment proposal and preparation of payment orders via Isabel
  • Foreign currency processing
  • Intrastat
  • Possibility of booking in your previous financial year, even once the next year has already started

Optional modules
  • Analytical bookkeeping
  • Entering CODA messages for automatic booking of financial transactions
  • Accountant’s module with depreciation tables, comparison of bookkeeping with VAT returns, coupling with annual account, etc.
  • Budget management. 
In addition, we have also started scanning in our clients’ purchase and sales invoices so that we can enter them electronically in SwingCount. If possible and if they so wish, clients can send their bookkeeping documents to us scanned as pdf files so that we can upload them into their files in SwingCount.

For our client management, our agenda and our planning, we use the Admin IS program.

We are gradually making our clients’ paper files into electronic files. To do this, we use the PMAS program. This enables us, among other things, to store an electronic version of our clients’ permanent file, such as their notarial deeds and registration in the central business database, as well as the annual file containing the financial statements and tax return with all annexes.